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Wavy nipples

I AM B. I AM EGG BEAR. (Background by Theo Prins)
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An Infinite List of Favorite Collections - Marchesa Spring 2013 RTW [2/2]
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Embroidered brooches by cOnieco

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imagine mink at the allmate store tho like 6’2” escaped convict c-cup bara pecs mink stoically browsing through shelves of robo animals smoking a pipe “sir you can’t smoke in here” but he doesnt say a word he just silently gives the employees a horrifyingly calm stare but then seeing tori and saying yes. i would like this enormous flamboyant pink cockatoo. perfect

and like someone had to give that bird an eyepatch and a cigar and fancy necklaces and put little braids in its feathers how do you braid a feather??? but that bird is a hecking robot if there was a problem with his eye it could be fixed no prob but no i am 700000% sure that eyepatch is an aesthetic choice made by a certain buff weirdo also that bird shouldnt have lungs. he is a robot. why is he smoking. mink why did you give your bird a cigar 

 and mink says shit like “i have him cause it’s convenient” i dont care if he found him on the street he still made the conscious decision to pick that bird up and say to himself yes. i want this pink thing to be my constant companion. i bet deep down that weird fucker loves his ridiculous bird. he accessorized that goddamn bird to match his outfit. he probably thinks he’s so fucking cool but plays it off like what no the camera went off accidentally tori and i aren’t models to save face in front of his hardcore prison gang

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smoo told me to draw zutara week stuff so instead i drew some modern au gaang. sorry for my shitty handwriting.

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He lives outside my window and starts squawking at 6am sharp. 

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Roids: Fantasy COLORS

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Some Pearl doodles. Today was not a good day for drawing.

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keep on walking aoba

do not make any eye contact at all costs

(based after this)

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Rohan concept sketches
Alan Lee

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Лучший косплей Леви за всю историю косплея Леви!

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Flaunt S/S 2014